Jumping off a mountain….and living to tell about it!!

Put yourself in my place…..look Mom….no hands!!

So we all have those phobias and fears which keep us from doing something…..but height isn’t one of mine!! I asked 3 friends to join me but only Margaret was brave enough….the others will remain nameless!! Next time ladies!!

Jumping off the side of a mountain with just a flimsy parachute is a bit intimidating – but less so when you hire a professional like Renato. His 20+ years of experience and calm demeanor made it such a pleasure. Later in this post you’ll be able to “fly along with me” and decide for yourself whether this is an adventure that you want to try…..

Preparing for Liftoff

Renato and his lovely wife keep in contact with you after you book your flight at https://www.renatojanssens.com/ via text, email or What’s App.

  1. I booked our flights before we arrived in Brazil to ensure we’d get the date/time slot we wanted and touched base again upon arrival in Rio.
  2. Dress warm (yes it’s colder up there) and wear appropriate shoes (like sneakers that are laced on so they don’t fall off mid flight).
  3. Meet at the designated parking area and they pick you up in their jeep and drive you up the mountain to the launch pad.
  4. Sign the appropriate disclaimers….this is an at your own risk adventure.
  5. Make sure to also sign up for the videos and photos (extra cost) but the best memories ever – as you can see from mine!!
  6. Renato goes through all the procedures with you, i.e. what will happen and how the straps are placed so that you’re appropriately attached tandem to the pilot and hang glider. BTW – your legs will be strapped for the flight (also looks better in the video if you’re not flailing around) but legs are released shortly before landing so you hopefully land on your feet – usually with multiple steps.
  7. When all hooked up (they will double check), you wait your turn. No takeoffs till its the right wind – from the right direction – for liftoff.
  8. Then its a run and jump……
  9. And 6 or so minutes later – land on that tiny little strip of beach below.

Nothing beats the wind in your hair…..and that sense of freedom….

Is this crazy? Maybe yes, maybe no. Is it scary….I will admit to a moment of hesitation or two. But since you know you’re being videotaped…..you at least try and act brave. Then within seconds you are a bird with your wings outstretched and you’re flying…..over the most incredible views!! And Renato points out all the sites and ensures you great photo shots on the way down!!

I absolutely LOVED IT – Did you?!?!

And since this was a day before we joined our Adventures for Solo Travelers group to further explore Rio and the Amazon….several of my fellow travelers also signed up to hang glide on their free day in Rio. It’s amazing how brave we all are after seeing a friend’s video…

BTW – if you haven’t heard about AFS….you should!! I have traveled 30 times with them across all 7 continents and the itineraries are a great mixture of local culture, seeing the best sites, an adventure or two and you make lifelong friends who all want to do what you want to do!! Check AFS out – and tell them Roxie sent you!! But a warning….they are addictive and most trips sell out within a day or two….so don’t hesitate when the list comes out on October 1st each year. http://www.afstravelers.com

So take a chance on hang gliding – like my friend Margaret and I did!! Its exhilarating and you’ll feel like taking on the world immediately after!!

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