African Lion Safari……in Canada?? Yes really!!

Guess what….it’s been around more than 50 years, maintains a great reputation, and has an extensive selection of animals from your personal car safari, floating by on a small boat cruise, views from aboard a scenic railway, and/or walking to via the educational and entertainment area. We did almost all the animal activities and had a non-healthy but delicious late lunch in the food court – but there was so much more still to do!!

It’s fun for adults and amazing for kids – so of course we brought a fun-loving 3 year old with us!! We did so much that Mason – even at 3 years of unbounded energy – was so tired that he slept the whole way home.

Driving your own vehicle on safari…

As you first start your drive through… see lions….like the large yellow male in the feature photo at the above with his long handsome mane. Or the white male below and his tribe of white lions which are rarely seen.

Mason, John’s grandson – and such a joy that his parents let us steal him away for the day, loved the animals and kept moving from one side of truck to the other and from my lap to John’s so he could get a better look. He also loved looking at them through my camera when I’d zoom in on them…..getting real close!

Next we came upon the baboons! It isn’t wrong to hope that they would jump on John’s truck (might even scratch it)….is it?? Guess we didn’t think ahead and bribe them with popcorn to get them to come close….like those below! Hope popcorn is good for them….or they checked before sharing!

As we continued on our “safari,” we encountered animals from all around the world….not just Africa! Here’s a sample of a few….

Then we pulled into a huge herd of antelope (I think -there are so many varieties) – you know those cute deer-like creatures. They aren’t afraid of the car….or the squeals of a little one either.

Almost close enough to touch…

We took the train for a ride around part of the Game Reserve as well and then walked to see the big elephants in their large enclosure for viewing!

Viewing the Ellies…

On our next trip we’ll have to explore the Bird of Prey Flying Demonstration, Discovery Center, Jungle Playground, Pets Corner, and cool off at the Misumu Bay Wet Playground. They all looked wonderful….give me energy and strength!!

Recommendations for next time

After spending a half day here, we definitely have the info needed for a return trip! Bring play clothes because there’s lots of playground options and ball houses, etc. Bring swimsuits and towels….that water park looked like an amazing way to cool off! Check their schedule ahead of time – for any timed events you want to make sure and not miss – like birds of prey flying demonstrations, the camels which we only saw from a distance, and schedule a pony ride and the petting zoo too!

For the latest info regarding hours, dates, activities, it’s best to check the African Lion Safari website at It’s your opportunity to “get closer” to over 1,000 exotic birds and animals. It’s only about 1.5 hours drive from Northern Toronto in Hamilton.

And the best recommendation comes from a sound asleep child….passed out from just a half day’s activities….all the way home. Hope to see you there!