Grocery shopping… never experienced!!

Even the entrance has apes overhead…..

Living in the US we have lots of options for grocery shopping….and I mean some of the best like Wegmans, Whole Foods, Harris Teeter, LA Mart, Amazon same day delivery …. and the list goes on and on!

With all those options….it’s hard to impressed! But wait till you see this store in Cincinnati, Ohio called Jungle Jim’s….and well….It’s impressive!

Jungle Jim’s is a huge place offering products from over 60 countries and if they don’t have it….just ask!!

Drooling aisle by aisle

Walking through Jungle Jim’s is like drooling your way around the world….and you want to try everything. And the displays are beyond what you would ever imagine….

It’s almost overwhelming to choose from products from 60 countries and if you can’t find what you want….ask them….they’ll do their best to get it. They boast over 180,000 products in 200,000 square feet of shopping in each of their stores.

Events are hosted too – right now the International Wine Festival and soon the Octoberfest as examples. Every Thursday night is “open mic night” and they are currenting offering cigar tastings. Does your grocery store offer all this?

Humor is around every corner….

Moving on – don’t miss the restrooms while you’re there….they look like outhouses (see John and I posing in a fake one) but you’ll be so shocked when you see inside.

If you prefer hot food…..stop by their vast selection of hot sauces….with every name you can imagine (and many you’d need to bleep out). And don’t you dare leave without your can of “whoop ass!”

Visit their website for all the latest news/events and their weekly specials….or just to drool (like me)! You definitely won’t go hungry….!! I’ll be back!!

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