You can help a Good Samaritan…please read….your help is needed now!

UPDATE: More than a million meals served already – please continue to help if you can.

Chef Jose Andres not only “talks the talk – he delivers!”  Millions have been blessed by his service in Puerto Rico, the US and it’s spreading worldwide. He’s now in Nassau, Bahamas and his organization needs our support to feed those devastated by hurricane Dorian.

When hurricane Maria ravaged the island of Puerto Rico, he arrived looking for ways to help.  It was already four days after Maria when the first plane landed and “there was no clean water, no food, no power, no gas, and no way to communicate with the outside world. What does a man do….if he knows how to cook…..he cooks! And his friends joined in….and eventually a chain of community kitchens grew to provide 100,000 meals a day!

While this undertaking would have discouraged most, he stayed focused on solutions – not obstacles. FEMA, as a government entity, wasn’t able to respond quickly enough and as Chef Jose’s video outlines clearly….often a grassroots “on the ground” effort is more effective. I filmed the attached video at a book signing and it still includes a few bumps and jitters and is a bit long – but I didn’t want to edit it – risking impacting the overall message. You should hear directly from Chef Jose!

In his own words….unedited!

A few things to point out from the above video:

  • He used his own money to help pay for many meals in Puerto Rico.
  • He ignored the obstacles and didn’t wait on the government.
  • He does not profit from his charity.
  • His charity only employs two people….and he’s not one of them.
  • He’s just getting started…..

After his impassioned message (of which the above is only a portion), he opened up to the audience to ask a few questions.  Two really weren’t questions but instead heartfelt thanks – from a FEMA volunteer who had been in Puerto Rico and had attended this book signing just to give personal thanks for all that Chef Jose had done for the American citizens of Puerto Rico. 

A second member of the audience was a federal employee who expressed her thanks for when Chef Jose and his team stepped forward to feed federal employees during the federal government shutdown which also spread to other restaurants located across the US. Yes – the grassroots efforts has lead to the development of a movement – that supports people in need! Their efforts are not limited to just hurricane disasters!

At the end, the audience gave him a standing ovation and many, like me, had tears in their eyes.  It’s rare to meet a true hero – someone that went above and beyond and exceeded all expectations. 

Chef Jose is a true inspiration and even with his accomplishments has remained a humble and caring individual.  That day it was informally mentioned that a rumor was going around…..that he had been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize! His response was to shrug. It’s true – he has – and we know the recognition will further expand his good work.

The people in the Bahamas are in need!

Today’s needs are in the Bahamas and may soon be the Eastern Coast of the US. They started planning days ahead. Please click on this link to a CNN update showing Chef Jose Andres and the early situation in Nassau, Bahamas.

Want to help?  There are two ways to “pay it forward”…..

You can buy his book “We Fed an Island” for which 100% of the author’s net proceeds will be donated to the Chef Relief Network of World Central Kitchen for efforts in Puerto Rico and beyond. This “Anthony Bourdain Book” is published by Harper Collins Publishing and is also available in audio and e-book format – see

Or you can donate direct.…at You’ll see lots more information about the organization and their grass root efforts! When you donate here – you know where your funds are being spent….please join me!! You can make a difference too!

A couple months back I had the opportunity to meet Chef Jose and today I know why I was guided to do so. Hope you can help!!

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