Looking for Fall Leaves but the “Spirit of Fall” Snuck Up on Us Instead

Chilly weather just started in Ontario, Canada, so the leaves are barely beginning to change to those amazing shades of gold and red that we love. But that doesn’t mean that entire towns aren’t fully immersed in the spirit of the season.  It’s time to visit a gem of a place – a small community in the Township of Centre Wellington in Southern Ontario.

The Quaint and Delightful Surprise of Elora

First established in the 1830s, Elora was named by the Scottish Captain who purchased 14,000 acres in the area.  He had just returned from serving for the British in India and took the Indian name from a place he’d visited.  Now with 8,000 citizens residing in Elora, the town feels small enough to know your neighbors yet you wouldn’t be surprised to see a person dressed for work in olden day sawmills or pubs of yesteryears around any corner.  There’s a lot of pride in the history of this town (as displayed in these photos of the past), as they welcome newbies to visit.

This is a beautiful place situated next to a Grand River Park – Elora Gorge; offering stunning scenery, hiking, camping, fishing, tubing and a splashpad for kids.  Definitely go see the Gorge – but don’t miss the community of Elora or its neighbor Fergus for all the seasonal antics.

Situated on a Gorge

Feeling the “Fall Spirit”

You see – it’s Monster Month – for the whole month of October and there’s much to do and see.  For all the details, refer to www.Monstermonth.ca.

Elora is a historical town with many a story to share – and maybe a few spirits or ghosts. You’ll see some of them as you stroll through the town; they are hiding in corners, crouched on roof tops, and peering around street signs. Come prepared to see the most creative of creatures…and at nighttime they will glow to make their most ghoulish impression.

Tim Murton’s Mystical World

As we explored we discovered that these creatures are the creative genius of Tim Murton and he’s been scaring visitors for more than two decades. This particular event has become known as the Twilight Zoo which the below video brings to life:

Video courtesy of Good Media and Thejellybaby8 via YouTube

Other activities are scattered throughout the month – here’s a few we wish we could participate in:

  • 10/12        Potions Workshop for Kids
  • 10/17        Poor House Spirit Walks
  • 10/18        Haunted Woods Walk
  • 10/18        Poor House Cemetery Tours
  • 10/26        Monster March Parade
  • 10/26        Fergus Ghost Walk
  • 10/26        Monster Mash

See their website for details www.monstermonth.ca

Enjoying a Crepe for Lunch

For lunch we stopped by this wonderful café that specializes in both savory and sweet crepes.  Not your normal small-town dive – with an extensive menu and we chose a savory crepe made with Salmon and capers and a sweet delight made with figs and ricotta.  Stop by their FB page for more details – https://www.facebook.com/cafecreperie.elora, you won’t be disappointed.

Come Back to Pamper Yourself

And we also need to point out the newly restored Elora Mill, originally built in 1832 as a sawmill and later became a distillery and flour mill.  In the 70’s, it became a luxury hotel and just reopened again as a luxury hotel and spa.  A young man set the mood as we entered.  Upon his greeting, I responded “and how are you today?”  Without missing a beat he said, “much better now that you’re here!”  And we think that tone will summarize your stay here as well – whether its for a meal overlooking the river, a day at the spa, a wedding including a horse drawn carriage or a stay in their private suite. https://eloramill.ca/

We hope to return one day to fully enjoy a stay in Elora at the mill and if we’re lucky to fully partake of the spirits offered.

And if Elora isn’t an option for you – check the local towns nearby your home – for something spooky is likely going on!

Happy Halloween everyone!

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