The World’s First All-Inclusive Cruise

Have you ever wondered what it would have been like on Noah’s Ark? It was a first – to cruise the world, all-inclusive because it had to be self-sustaining, and quite exclusive since few entered willingly. Today you can explore a replica in Ohio! Even if you’re not religious or think parts of the biblical story of Noah’s Ark “might have been stretched” through its generational retelling, I think you’ll find this excursion fascinating. I did.

Setting Your Expectations

My expectations were something large, wooden, and justifying the biblical narrative. I admit they were somewhat limited.

What I found was bigger, better and filled with hypothetical but well thought out ideas and answers to how day-to-day life aboard the Ark would have been.

Some of the questions you’ll find answers to are:

  • How do you store that many varieties and species of animals – two-by-two?
  • And keep them from killing each other?
  • How are they fed and watered on board?
  • Where does the food and fresh clean water come from?
  • How does anything with this much weight – on its own and fully loaded – float?
  • Just how big is it anyway?
  • How do the animals and humans co-exist?
  • We could make an endless list….so we’ll stop….

Just How BIG is it?

Bigger than expected – see the little people in the bottom left?

The photo above shows just the tip of it. It really is HUGE! As the model picture at the top shows, there are several floors inside to accommodate humans, animals, and storage in separate quarters.

The Ark was built based on the biblical proportions set out in the only source document available. God told Noah to make his Ark 300 cubits long, 50 cubits wide, and 30 cubits tall. Okay – but what’s a cubit?

So when you add it all up….based on the 20.4 inch cubit, the Ark measures 510 feet long, 85 feet wide, and 51 feet tall.  The Ark’s volume is approximately 1.88 million cubic feet, large enough for 450 semi-truck trailers.

And There’s a Lot to See Inside

Now there’s a lot of there there….and you’ll spend the whole day seeing it! You’ll see the storage areas filled with earthen ware jugs, crates of food, etc. You’ll see both current day and ancient now extinct animals. Some will even be in a petting zoo area so the little ones can get up close. Others are just replicas of animals no longer walking on this earth.

The living areas are fascinating. I hadn’t pictured anything this nice but then why not.

And then most fascinating for me was where fresh produce was grown (never occurred to me) and their workshops for onboard repairs, building additional pens, etc.

I hope I wet your appetite for visiting….you’ll also see some skits, demonstrations and performers inside. There’s also the normal gift shop (with awesome homemade fudge) and souvenirs for the kids. Outside, you will find other items like a huge restaurant / food court, zip lining, and trails.

Check them out on your next visit to Ohio…..just a short drive from Cincinnati! Here’s their website for more details: