About Roaming with Roxie

My goal is to encourage you to never stop exploring….life, cultures, countries, and adventures of all sizes!! With each new venture, we expand our understanding of life and those we meet along the way….

Join me as I share life-changing moments – mine and others – that made us see the world differently. Some will be close to home…some from travels in the States…and from around the globe…all 7 continents!!

I grew up on a small farm in Indiana and never thought I’d be so blessed as to have traveled the world. If I can – any one can.! Yes – even you!!

I challenge you to try something new…whether it be near or far, large or small. Maybe its just a new restaurant, or you want to get up close and personal with a wild animal, it might be challenging yourself mentally or physically….you’re in control! Venture out into unknown territory, do the unexpected and surprise your family and friends. See how your view of the world changes….

Join me!! With an open mind and willingness to learn, we expand our world – whether through blazing a new trail or stepping – even for a few minutes – into someone else’s shoes!!

Peace, love and light to all…..now let’s begin!!